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PROJECT: Tympan Notebooks
PRODUCTION NOTES: letterpress printed frosted mylar covers, used tympan sheets, 20# bond, saddle stitch binding

Each notebook contains 10 blank white sheets (40 pages) and a used tympan for the cover. Because the tympan is oiled, wax paper is used as the endsheets and frosted mylar is used for the outer cover to protect both the inside pages and everything outside the notebook. The frosted mylar covers are letterpress printed with handset type. Each tympan is completely unique and was carefully selected and cut to be aesthetically pleasing. Notebooks measure 3" x 5" and are saddle-stitched with 2 staples.

A tympan is an oiled sheet of paper used in letterpress printing. The initial print is often made on the tympan to guide where the unprinted paper should be placed. The tympans are reused several times and show pencil marks and cuts.