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main center image
TITLE: the Shape of Absence   |   artist's book, 2019
MEDIA: letterpress, pressure print
PRESS: vandercook, 8 x 12 chandler & price
MATERIALS: printed on mulberry, bound in bugra

the Shape of Absence began with a phrase and a boy. Weeks of emotional trauma and rumination culminated into an artist's book describing the painful process of the end of a relationship.

unfolding to reveal two of the six words
further unfolding to reveal the next two words

The pages turn and unfold to reveal the text and can be open so all text is visible at once.


Completely letterpress printed on mulberry paper, the Shape of Absence was created with 40 passes through the press, including eight passes of pressure printing, 21 passes using hand-set metal type to create the main center image, and 11 passes of text, also hand-set. 891 pierced holes reinforce the pressure printed background image.

setting up the first layer
after several layers are printed, type is laid out onto a mirror-image photocopy
type is then transferred to the composing stick

Pamphlet bound into a soft cover. Measures 3.5 x 4 inches when closed and 14.25 x 11.75 inches when fully open. Printed in both Petaluma, CA during a residency at In Cahoots Residency and completed in Seattle, WA in 2019. Limited edition of 25, $225 each. Please contact Lisa to purchase.

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