The Seattle Book Arts Guild invited me to discuss what went into making two new artist's books, which I created during an artist's residency I did in August 2019. SEE MORE

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O oo o 0
artists residency, 2018, In Cahoots Residency, Petaluma, CA
gallery show, 2018, Editions Studio, Seattle, WA

only o’s
(or mostly o’s)
only wood type
0 (zero) planning  

This suite of prints was created in three days during a short artist residency at In Cahoots Residency in Petaluma, California. I find the creative challenges caused by intentionally limiting my materials to be very inspirational, and working spontaneously enhances this. I used wood type as my primary imagery and inspiration (mostly O’s and a few I’s) and overlapping layers of “fucked up inking” in three primary ink colors (Warm Red, Pantone Yellow, and Black). Each layer inspired the next as well as subsequent prints. Collage, typing, sewing, and colored pencil was used sparingly to enhance the final prints.  

Four prints include letterpress printed text (in 14pt Optima). This text is the result of a writing prompt session we did before printing. The text reads:

Your eyes are silent
I cannot see your dreams
I scream inwardly so you hear nothing
I owe you nothing.
You owe me everything.

One of a kind letterpress monoprints: the suite incorporates typewriter, collage, machine sewing, hand sewing, and colored pencil. $200 each. Please contact Lisa to purchase - not all are available. Prints are shown in order, numbered O1 - O14

setting up the first layer
after several layers are printed, type is laid out onto a mirror-image photocopy
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