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PROJECT: Wedding Invites   |   DESIGNER: Candice Noel Nagel  |   CLIENT: Lara + Josh   |   PRESS: invite letterpress printed on 8 x 12 C&P, RSVP digitally printed

This invitation card is very special to me, so special that I use it as one of the examples for my intro to letterpress classes. Why is it so special? The super-tight color registration – that is, how closely the two colors match up together – is a special skill of mine. There was no room for failure in this design and I was so pleased with the result, as was the designer and the bride.  The green and mustard colors overlap to create a third color and the white heart literally pops out of that overlap.

PRINT METHOD: letterpress  |  PRINTED WITH: magnesium die  |  STOCK: 222# Arturo Cover  |  INK: PMS 124 + 340

PRINT METHOD: digital  |  STOCK: 120# Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Cover