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PROJECT: Wedding Invitations   |   DESIGNER: Catherine Dimalla |   CLIENT: Christian + Katie   |   PRESS: letterpress printed on 8 x 12 C&P

A tricky print day resulted in a beautifully printed letterpress invitation for newly engaged couple Christian and Katie. Their rustic sensibilities were captured by designer Catherine Renee Dimalla using hand drawn illustrations. 

PRINT: letterpress  |  PRINTED WITH: magnesium dies  |  STOCK: 2 ply Rising Museum Board, White  |  INK: a surprisingly difficult to mix brown  |  SPECIAL PROCESS: edge painting in coral

Letterpress printing is a popular choice for wedding invitations because of the elegance it can lend, and the wonderful tactile quality that can only be created by a technology as timeless as letterpress.  Contact me for more information on letterpress printing your projects. See more of Catherine’s graphic design work on her portfolio.